Spam Filtering

Spam- and virus filter service

Spam is one of the most irritating things in email. Receiving spam loads server resources and takes time. This service brings immediate cost saving, when time it takes to go trough unwanted email is reduced.

Savings and efficiency with filter

According to some estimates, over half of all email traffic is spam. You save lots of time when you don't have to go trough spam. Simultaneously user computers are protected from malware from spam mail.

Spam filtering with over 96% accuracy

Due to diversity of spam, all spam is not filterable automatically. Our service reviews all mail coming to your mailbox, including attachments, taking advantage over several protection methods and stops mail including viruses and spyware. It doesn't effect on legit mail.

Our system supports encryupted connection, so if sending- and receiving server both support encryption, sending of the mail is completely encrypted. If our system cannot process mail it forwards it to customers domain secondary mail server. Our secondary servers try to forward mail 12 days to mailboxes located in Easylinehost , this time is dependant on service provider.

Easy deployment

For our filter service you'll only need your own domain. Mailboxes to be filtered can be located in Easylinehosts, another service providers or even in customers own server. Filtering is activated domain case basis to cover all emails. You don't have to make modifications to your email clients neither you have to install new software.


Initial fee 0 €
Price per month 9 € (including all 5 mailboxes)
Additional mailboxes + 1.22 € / pc. / month
Domain case weekly report via email 7 eur / month

Billing period 6 months
Prices include VAT 24 %

We are happy to answer all service based question via email at
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Authenticated SMTP

Authenticative SMTP ( Outgoing mail server)

With our Authenticative SMTP -service, you can send mail with all opertators without having to change settings in your email client. This comes handy e.g. when traveling and using email with gprs-, 3G-, 4G- or WLAN-connection.

Authenticative email -service provides faster sending and better reliability even when in normal usage, because bigger operators may from time to time have rush in their servers. You can also use SSL- encryption to protect you email. The service speeds up mailing list usage as well. Authenticative email -service is sold on customer basis and can be used up to 50 at the same time.

We also provide you with virtual server, in which your email is transmitted via IP -address reserved for you. We set up and maintain virtual server for you.

To use authenticative SMTP-service doesn't require email accounts or domains from Easylinehost. You can use our service with any domain.

ELH Authenticative SMTP -Service 8,50 € / month (max. 50 users / domain)
ELH Authenticative SMTP -Service with Virtual server (max. 250 users / domain) 28 € / month

Billing period 12 months
Prices include VAT 24 %

We are happy to answer all service based question via email at
Subscription via email at

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Premium DNS
You'll receive login information for control panel, in where you can change domain name server settings. This includes also 1 emailbox (space 25 MB)
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